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Rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a nose job, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed in the world today. Many people are confused about the term ‘rhinoplasty’ itself. Did you know that it’s actually from the Greek language? The term is derived from rhinos (Greek for nose) and plassein (meaning to shape).

The goal of a rhinoplasty procedure is to reshape the nose to improve its aesthetic appearance on your face. Additionally, the procedure can help to correct and improve breathing issues that you may have with your nose, nasal passage or sinuses.

The procedure involves modifying the nose through surgical intervention for a variety of purposes. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Reshaping the overall structure of the nose
  • Removing bumps or other problem areas of the nose
  • Straightening out crooked areas of the nose
  • Reducing the size of the nose
  • Performing nasal/sinus procedures to improve breathing or overall function

Rhinoplasty is also one of the most difficult procedures to perform in plastic surgery today. It takes a skilled hand to expertly reshape the nose to meet patient needs and goals. That’s why it’s imperative to choose an experienced surgeon to perform the surgery. A high quality surgeon can perform a rhinoplasty procedure with expert precision. This can help limit the overall patient pain and reduce rhinoplasty recovery time.

Determining Your Rhinoplasty Goals

Sitting down with a surgeon like Dr Shahidi in consultation, often answers many patient questions about the procedure. The objective of this initial consultation is to get an understanding of what to expect and to set a goal you’d like to achieve through the surgery itself.

Common rhinoplasty procedure goals include the following:

  • Remove a prominent bump/hump on the nose
  • Narrow the base of the nose so it is not as wide/broad
  • Reduce/reshape the nasal tip
  • Reduce the elevation of the nasal tip
  • Narrow nostril width
  • Increase the size of the nose

Depending on your specific goal, rhinoplasty can be performed as a single operation or in tandem with an internal septoplasty to help improve problems related to nasal airways and breathing. Typically, this means a reduction of the curved bone shelves within the nose to open up air pathways. However, sometimes septoplasty may be necessary to help support nasal valves, which have collapsed.

Rhinoplasty Procedure Steps

Below are the typical rhinoplasty procedure steps most patients follow:

Initial Consultation/Goal Setting

You’ll meet with Dr Shahidi and his team to discuss your goals and understand issues such as rhinoplasty cost and procedure time. You’ll work with Dr Shahidi to determine whether or not rhinoplasty is the right choice for you.


Dr Shahidi and his team will instruct you on how to prepare for the upcoming procedure. Be sure to follow the instructions fully prior to the surgery! Dr Shahidi even has a free iphone app to help you with the appropriate preparations.


Typically, the procedure is performed in a hospital under general anaesthesia. Dr Shahidi will make incisions near your nostrils to perform the rhinoplasty procedure of removing/reducing bone and cartilage. He’ll work to sculpt the nose to better meet the size and shape you want (which was discussed during your consultation).


Recovery times will vary based on the extent of your procedure. However, most patients can remove their sutures within 7-8 days and the nose cast after the first week. Bruising, swelling and some localised pain/headaches are common side effects after the procedure. Follow Dr Shahidi’s recommendations to facilitate the healing process and improve your overall rhinoplasty procedure recovery.

Rhinoplasty Procedure Time

As mentioned, the procedure time itself will vary based on the extent of the work being performed. In some cases, bones may need to be shaved/broken to straighten out a crooked nose or to narrow its size. Occasionally a graft or artificial cartilage may be needed to help support a droopy nose tip. Dr Shahidi uses a specialised instrument to perform these cuts to help reduce pain and bruising.

You’ll learn precisely what your recovery timeframe will be during your initial consultation with Dr Shahidi. He’ll explain all the specifics of your procedure – including what to expect for the healing process.

Rhinoplasty Procedure Recovery

After the framework of the nose has been corrected, the skin is placed back on and all the incisions are sutured closed. A plaster cast is used to stabilise the external area of the nose with an internal splint also used, depending on your surgery.

As discussed, recovery time may also vary depending on the extent of your rhinoplasty procedure. You’ll typically be able to remove the sutures and splint within a week. While bruising and swelling will remain, they will diminish over the next few weeks. In most cases you’ll be fully healed within a month to six weeks.

Rhinoplasty Procedure Cost

Many people interested in a rhinoplasty procedure also want to know about the cost. One of the most common questions Dr Shahidi receives is “How much does a rhinoplasty procedure cost?”

The answer to this question depends on your specific procedure goals and the overall extent of the surgery itself. There is no objective response to the cost itself because patient cases can vary extensively. For instance, one patient may only need a straightforward removal of a bump on the nose. Another one may need a full reshaping/restructuring as well as correction of nasal breathing problems.

Once your goal is set and the procedure is being discussed with Dr Shahidi, you can get an understanding of the overall cost. The good news is that you can trust that you’re getting a fair price for quality rhinoplasty work. Dr Shahidi prides himself in delivering top quality care, results and fair pricing with every procedure he performs.

Learn More Today and Schedule a Consultation

Rhinoplasty procedures performed by Dr Shahidi can deliver expert results with minimal scarring, fast recovery times and less pain than ever before. If you’ve ever wanted to improve the appearance of your nose, it’s now easier than ever to achieve your goals and look your best.

To learn more about what to expect, including rhinoplasty procedure photos (both before and after), you can visit Dr Shahidi’s website. From there, feel free to contact his office to schedule a no-hassle consultation. You can set goals, learn about various rhinoplasty procedures and recovery times, discuss the cost and determine whether rhinoplasty is right for you.