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Are you looking for high quality rhinoplasty surgery here in Sydney? Dr Shahram Shahidi and all his staff at the Centre for Facial Cosmetic Surgery have continued to showcase their precision competence to countless patients. They provide high quality rhinoplasty surgery with the best results in Australia.

Countless men and women suffer from both aesthetic and breathing problems when it comes to their noses. Some people have suffered their entire lives with the emotional and psychological turmoil associated with these related problems.

Dr Shahidi typically asks his clients a simple question related to this problem: “Why should you allow yourself to suffer when you don’t have to?” He and his team work to bring patients the highest quality results for all types of rhinoplasty and ear, nose and throat procedures. They work hard to bring unparalleled satisfaction for every patient – every time.

About Rhinoplasty Surgery

Otherwise known as a ‘Nose Job,’ the term rhinoplasty refers to multiple procedures related to a patient’s nose, nasal passage and sinuses. The primary procedure can improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose while also correcting related breathing issues associated with the sinuses.

Rhinoplasty improves all of the following issues:

  • Crooked Nose
  • Nose Size or Shape
  • Excess Bump on Nose
  • Breathing or Sinus Issues

Specialised instruments are used to reshape and rebuild the nose for a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing appearance. These goals are determined between you and Dr Shahidi to achieve results you’re satisfied with. Dr Shahidi’s goal is to help you understand the options you have available to make a fully informed decision. That way, you can determine the best course of action for your own procedure.

Part of what distinguishes Dr Shahidi from other specialists is his ongoing commitment to offer his patients the newest and most effective treatment options. One example of this emerging treatment method is known as the Diced Cartilage Fascia (DCF) graft. The DCF graft utilises a small sample of deep fascia, which is taken from the temporal region and reshaped into a small roll. It uses the patient’s own cartilage to help reshape the nose into a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This type of utilisation is a much more natural overall procedure and often reduces the risks of complications such as infection. Dr Shahidi prefers to use DCF for Asian and revision rhinoplasty.

About Dr Shahidi

Dr Shahram Shahidi is a distinguished and highly experienced specialist within the ear, nose and throat areas. His specialities also include facial plastic surgery treatments, rhinoplasty surgery and other facial cosmetic treatments and procedures. He holds the FRACS (Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) distinction, the highest qualification available to Australian surgeons. His training, education and experience all showcase his exceptional skillset, devotion to patients and iron-clad focus on delivering precision results.

As a member of the Australian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr Shahidi remains fully committed to all the best practices within his surgical field. He maintains a high level of interest, study and research within the field to identify the latest and best breakthroughs for improved treatment and patient care. This commitment only serves to improve the overall patient experience in all aspects of surgery and treatment.

This type of dedication has given Dr Shahidi a high distinction within the realm of rhinoplasty surgery and related ENT procedures. Beyond the aesthetic procedures, he also treats every aspect of sinus and nasal disease and pathology. His approach has always rested on individualised care for each patient. He’ll learn your story and give you an honest assessment of your options related to rhinoplasty surgery and other ENT treatments.

Top Sydney Rhinoplasty – Tailored for You

No matter what your specific rhinoplasty needs are, you can count on Dr Shahidi to deliver exceptional results and unparalleled care. Have a look at the rhinoplasty before and after page to see exactly the type of quality results you’ll receive with his expertise and surgical precision.

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As you can see, rhinoplasty procedures can deliver remarkable results without major downtime, pain or recovery. Dr Shahidi strives to bring only the highest quality precision and care to every procedure he performs. He works with his patients directly, providing individualised consultations to ensure satisfaction no matter what the elected procedure is.
If you’re ready to make a change, feel free to contact Dr Shahidi today at (02) 8080 0190 (International +61 2 8080 0190) or schedule a consultation online to learn more.