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Are you interested in getting a rhinoplasty surgery to improve the look and function of your nose? Many people want to improve the look and appearance of their nose. Whether it’s a reduction in size, reshaping or even just correction of sinus/breathing problems, rhinoplasty provides a solution to help you look and feel better.

Many people ask about the cost of the procedure during an initial consultation. One of the biggest issues relating to a ‘bottom dollar’ cost regarding rhinoplasty prices is that the procedure itself varies – sometimes quite extensively. As a result, the overall cost of the procedure also varies based on individual patient requirements.

There is no objective answer to the question of rhinoplasty cost. Instead, you can get an idea of what to expect following these criteria:

  • The Overall Scope of the Procedure

    Rhinoplasty cost will increase depending on the extent of work you’ll need.
    When you speak with an experienced surgeon like Dr Shahidi, you’ll get an objective assessment of what you need – and what cost you can expect.
    Depending on the functional component of the surgery, Medicare or your private health insurance may pay for parts of the surgery or provide you with a rebate.

  • Your Specific Goals

    During your consultation, you’ll get an idea of what goals you want for the end result of rhinoplasty. Before and after goal planning can help you and your surgeon assess the amount of work that is required. This assessment will also give you an idea of what you can expect the cost to be.

  • Extent of Treatment

    If you need additional work or added ENT procedures, you should expect a higher overall cost. Each level of treatment comes with added time and cost for the surgeon. As a result, you may see a slightly higher price for multiple-step procedures.

Finding the Best Surgeon – Your #1 Priority

In many cases, patients new to rhinoplasty base their searches on rhinoplasty prices. But the truth is price should not be your top priority. Instead, you want a surgeon who offers distinct characteristics:

  1. Your surgeon should be experienced and highly rated.

    A highly qualified and experienced surgeon like Dr Shahidi will only deliver individualised patient care and exceptional precision in every procedure. This should remain your top priority when selecting a rhinoplasty surgeon.
    The good news is that experts like Dr Shahidi also address the question of “how much does rhinoplasty cost?” He offers his clients fair prices on all procedures and treatments. Best of all – you’ll know that you’re getting the best results and treatment possible when you choose his practice.

  2. You should feel fully comfortable with him/her – from consultation to the procedure itself.

    Remember, you want to feel absolutely comfortable with your surgeon throughout the entire process. This includes initial contact to consultation all the way through to the surgery and the follow-up. It’s your nose and your face. You should never feel uncomfortable with any part of the process.
    Dr Shahidi works to keep his patients comfortable throughout the process by remaining thorough, informative and transparent. He works with patients on a one-on-one basis to develop patient-specific treatment plans. From there, he’ll keep you fully informed about what to expect from your procedure – from pain to recovery and for the cost itself. You should expect nothing less than this type of policy no matter what your specific rhinoplasty needs are.

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As you can see, rhinoplasty procedures can deliver remarkable results without major downtime, pain or recovery. Dr Shahidi strives to bring only the highest quality precision and care to every procedure he performs. He works with his patients directly, providing individualised consultations to ensure satisfaction no matter what the elected procedure is.
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