Straightforward Consultation Services

Dr. Shahidi and his team will meet with you and discuss your desires and what is possible through rhinoplasty. That way, you’ll enjoy a personalised treatment plan to directly match your specific needs.

Experience & Trust

The services offered by Dr Shahidi and his team give you exceptional results backed by years of experience (and countless satisfied clients).

Full Range of Rhinoplasty Treatments

From nose reshaping to sinus treatments, Dr Shahidi’s Sydney rhinoplasty helps you no matter what your specific nose and sinus-related issues are.

Ease & Convenience for You

There’s no reason for you to feel like your rhinoplasty in Sydney shouldn’t be all about you. Dr Shahidi and his team will work with you to ensure your experience is as convenient for you as possible.

About Dr. Shahidi

As a patient-oriented professional, Dr Shahram Shahidi has defined his career through his success stories. He is a distinguished medical professional holding a high degree of artistic talent and experience in plastic surgery for the nose as well as ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery treatments.

In addition, Dr Shahidi provides multiple other surgeries and medical treatments – including facial plastic surgery, ear pinning procedures, nose reshaping and restructuring and other related cosmetic procedures.

From an educational perspective, Dr Shahidi brings a wealth of distinguished experience and service to his patients. He holds the FRACS distinction, otherwise known as the Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. This is the highest recognition available for Australian surgeons and can only be earned through expert academic and professional experience.

Why the Centre for Facial Cosmetic Surgery Is a Cut Above the Rest

Unrivalled Care

Dr Shahidi and his team bring only the highest quality of care to patients. That means you’ll get unrivalled service – no matter what your specific requirements are.

Top Technology

Dr. Shahidi and his team utilise the latest advancements in medical technology. This ensures the best possible treatment and care no matter what your rhinoplasty needs are.

Experienced Professionals

Why risk your appearance when you can work with the best? Dr. Shahidi offers Sydney’s best for rhinoplasty cost and quality.

Easy Straightforward Appointments

Our simplified system makes it easy to schedule a consultation and meet with the medical professionals required to change your life for the better.

Full Transparency

You don’t have to worry about ambiguity or confusing terms when it comes to your rhinoplasty before and after. Dr Shahidi offers full transparency from start-to-finish so there’s no unwarranted confusion on what to expect.

The Best in Rhinoplasty Care

Dr. Shahidi has established himself as a top surgeon in the field of rhinoplasty. Now you get to enjoy all the benefits of his expertise for amazing results.

News & Press

Dr Shahidi remains right at the cutting-edge of technology and scientific breakthroughs. He always brings to his patients the latest and greatest in medical advancements, treatment options and rhinoplasty care.

Rhinoplasty before & after photos

Dr Shahidi’s rhinoplasty before and after patients showcase the quality of both work and care they received throughout the process. Have a look at some of Dr Shahidi’s before and after Rhinoplasty photos.

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